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TNC Property Services offer a variety of electrical inspection and testing and NICEIC certification for our customers.

Electrical installations deteriorate with use and Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) help make sure they are still safe. It is extremely important for the persons responsible for the maintenance of the installation to be sure that the safety of the users are not put at risk and the installation continues to be in a safe and serviceable condition. Here at TNC we can periodically test and inspect your electrical installation and produce an EICR for you. Deficiencies observed during the inspection and testing can be remedied by the our engineers so that the installation may continue to be used safely.

Our qualified electricians can provide Electrical Installation Certificates (EIC) for your new installations. The IEE regulations state that all new installation work or alterations and additions to existing installations must have a standard form of EIC, including a record of the inspection and results of testing.

TNC staff will carry out all Landlord inspections and certification for any size of premises.

Our skilled electricians can also perform Fire Alarm Detection Inspections and provide servicing reports to confirm that the fire detection and fire alarm system to which it relates has been inspected and serviced in accordance with BS5839-1 Code of practice.

At TNC we also carry out PAT tests on any portable electrical appliance. PAT Testing is a health and safety requirement.

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TNC Property Services supply power low and high voltage distribution boards to our clients based on their requirements.

We also carry out servicing of the boards by replacing circuit breakers, contactors, power controls and other accessories to ensure continual system performance.

TNC technicians also install Switchgears and their accessories, cables and Low Voltage accessories.

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TNC Property Services have delivered a number of Service and Maintenance contracts across the North East. Our contracts cover basic small works repairs to legislative checks.

Our team of skilled electricians will arrange to meet with clients and discuss site-specific requirements before designing a Service and Maintenance plan that is tailor-made for each business. Every item of work is reviewed monthly ensuring that each client is aware when the planned maintenance is due to take place and when our engineers are going to be on site.

Service and Maintenance activity can be carried out during normal working hours or we can arrange to carry out the work outside of normal working hours for minimal disruption.

TNC electricians are NICEIC accredited and have a broad range of experience in many types of electrical projects.

Our Service and Maintenance provision includes Electrical Design, Installation, Project Management, Surveys and Electrical Testing.

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Three phase power is a common form of electrical power supply for larger electrical installations and a popular method of electric power transmission throughout the national grid system. Three phase power is usually installed in larger properties including commercial and industrial properties.

Some items of electrical equipment consume larger amounts of current and so require a three phase supply, these include Air conditioning, Heating, Motors and pumps, Heavy machinery, UPS systems.

Electricity is supplied to smaller and domestic properties with one live (phase) wire, this should supply power at around 230 volts (although usually found to be in excess of 240 volts) and requires a neutral conductor (wire) to work. A three phase supply utilises three live wires and the voltage that exists between these live wires is 400 volts (415 volts on the older system).

Three phase systems also typically utilise a neutral wire, because most electrical devices are single phase items and are rated at 230 volts, this includes any device that plugs into a 13 amp socket outlet.

Phase balancing is an important consideration when installing a three phase system – this is where each of the phases have as near as possible, equal amounts of current flowing in the conductors.

Your supply authority is likely to charge for the installation of three phase power, but once it is installed the price per unit is the same as that for single phase power, unless a lower price has been negotiated with the supply company. Also, it must be taken into account that three phase consuming devices are usually items that require more power, which is why the power is spread over three separate conductors rather than just one.

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TNC Property Services Durham offer supply and installation of a range of cable management systems for commercial clients. Our containment systems include Ladder, Cable tray, Trunking, Basket, Tray trunk, Dado.

We offer a free consultation and quote to help you select the right products for your project, buildings structure, suitability of design and quality of the installation.

Our previous containment projects have included compartmentalised dado trunking, basket tray for works above ceiling and specialised stainless steel systems. We offer containment systems for both simple and complex projects and we are committed to finding the perfect containment system for your requirements.

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The hoisting motion of electric powered hoists is achieved by the operator grasping and activating a control device. The control device has push buttons or levers that energize, through a series of contractors and other electrical components, an electric motor. The electric motor transmits power through the hoist gearing to the hoist load chain sprocket or hoist drum; thereby, lifting or lowering the hoist load hook. Lifting is accomplished by actuating the lifting control and lowering is accomplished by actualling the lowering control. The controls could be marked: LIFT/LOWER; UP/DOWN; RAISE/LOWER; arrows designating up/down; or a combination of such markings. Hoist lifting and lowering controls are usually push buttons mounted in a pendant control enclosure suspended from the hoist; or levers or switches mounted in a remote radio-control transmitter. Pendant control enclosures, radio-control transmitters or other control means could also be permanently mounted on the building structure or cab of an overhead crane depending on the application.

The control device used to lift and lower hoist motion may also contain controls for other motions or functions. Such controls include: trolley travel, overhead crane travel, power on/off, emergency stop, motions associated with below-the-hook lifting devices and other special functions associated with a specific application. Examples of such control markings may include, but are not limited to: EAST/WEST; RIGHT/LEFT; OPEN/CLOSE; START/STOP; etc.

TNC Property Services offer a full crane pendant repair service for all of our industrial clients across Co Durham and the North East.

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TNC's team of CCTV installers can help secure your home or business with a full, professional CCTV installation. We supply and install CCTV and monitoring systems for all of our customers.

Analogue CCTV has been on the market for many years now and there is a lot of equipment to choose from. Analogue CCTV equipment is a tried and tested field and reliability is excellent. Whilst not matching the newer HD-SDI CCTV & IP CCTV equipment in a few areas, an Analogue CCTV installation is currently, and will be for a good few years to come, an excellent choice for many customers.

HD-SDI stands for ‘HD Serial Digital Interface’ and was originally developed for the HDTV market. It is currently the most efficient way to deliver HD quality CCTV images without any loss. HD-SDI CCTV is an excellent choice for new CCTV systems and it can utilise existing coaxial cable found in more traditional analogue CCTV systems, it is perfect to use as a way to upgrade old systems. A hybrid HD DVR is also perfect for upgrading a system so that ‘critical’ areas are can benefit from HD Megapixel cameras whilst less important areas can retain standard analogue cameras.

IP CCTV can be, in some scenarios the most suitable CCTV option by a large margin. Within buildings that already has structured network cabling, IP CCTV negates the need for any new major cable installations, and could potentially reduce the costs when compared to Analogue or HD-SDI CCTV. Expanding an IP CCTV system is easy to do from a cabling point of view so long as the existing network is in place.

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A secure home or working environment is of paramount importance in today's society. A door entry system secures the communal entry to homes, residential buildings, flats, business premises etc. Restricting the entry of unwelcome visitors minimises the risk of disturbance and anti-social behaviour.

TNC Property Services can install and maintain a system specific to your individual requirement, from a simple single door entry to a complex, fully integrated, multiple-door, centrally controlled system. You can also consider the addition of a CCTV camera for visual identification purposes.